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Benefits of a Lesson:

  • Choice of highly qualified, world class instructors!
  • Enjoy spending time with friends and family.
  • Discover the excitement of what our four mountains have to offer
  • Let your kids fall in love with the snow!
  • Relax knowing that we have your needs covered!
  • A safe learning experience from beginner to expert - there's something for everyone!

Not sure of your ability?

Check out our lesson ability levels below to find where you fit:

First Timer

Ability Level: This is your first time on snow. You have never skied or snowboarded before or require assistance to stop.

What Benefits You Can Expect From Your Lesson: You can expect to learn how to safely ride a beginner lift (conveyor or rope tow), make basic turns and control speed.


Ability Level: You know the basics. You ride some chairlifts or T-bars and can ski or snowboard but lack confidence on easy terrain.  

What Benefits You Can Expect From Your Lesson: Expand your ability, ride beginner lifts and learn to control speed on green runs with linked smooth, gliding turns.


Ability Level: You can confidently link turns of varying sizes and start to move faster down the hill on green runs.

What Benefits You Can Expect From Your Lesson: Learn new skills and take your turns onto blue terrain. Become more dynamic in your skiing or snowboarding, link your turns on steeper terrain, use a variety of turn shapes and prepare for more challenging terrain.


Ability Level: You have mastered every groomed run, you are competent and confidently control your speed. 

What Benefits You Can Expect From Your Lesson: Learn how to carve short, medium and long turns, get off-piste and improve technique and tactics to tackle the steeps, variable conditions, terrain parks or natural terrain features.  


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