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Subaru Driving Tips

Heading on your snow holiday? Check out these Subaru Driving Tips to get you and your family to the slopes safely.

Preparing for the journey

Before leaving home there are some steps you will need to take to check your vehicle is in top condition for your road trip to the mountains. Inspect your vehicle’s tyres and tyre pressure, battery, brakes and fluid levels. Make sure your windscreen and windscreen wipers are in top condition.

Remember to check that all your lights and indicators are also in good working order and check the spare tyre too if your vehicle has one.

It could be worth booking your vehicle in for its scheduled service interval if necessary.

Plug your destination into Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ connectivity* to map out the journey, and don’t forget to plan rest stops. Set yourself a playlist, get a good night’s rest and you’re good to go!

* Compatible Apple® or Android™ device required.

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Driving to Perisher

To ensure you get to Perisher safely, take rest stops every 2 hours. Subaru’s Driver Monitoring System – Driver Focus* uses a camera to monitor you as you drive for signs of fatigue or distraction and alerts you to remind you to stay focused on the road.

Make sure you have warm clothes close by as you approach the alpine region in case you need to stop to change a tyre or check the car.

Watch out for wildlife and other hazards, maintain a safe distance between vehicles and keep warm as you edge closer to that winter wonderland.

*Driver Monitoring System performance and capability dependent on environmental and technical conditions. Refer to Owner’s Manual for full details.

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Alpine driving

When you enter the alpine zone it’s important to remember that motoring in cold conditions takes special care and attention.

It is imperative to drive to suit the conditions. Be smooth with your acceleration, braking and your steering. Keep a look out for black ice – a frozen layer of water on the road.

If there is ice on the windscreen, turn the engine on for a few minutes and run the front and rear demisters. Then scrape the windscreen with a plastic card.

Watch out for shaded areas of the road, The shade can mean that the surface on the road in that area will be different compared to an area that has had sunshine on it.

When planning your trip to the snow, always check the resort requirements for snow chains before you head off.

It is compulsory for all 2WD vehicles to carry snow chains in winter between June and October long weekends in Kosciuszko National Park and it is important that you are familar with how to fit snow chains to your vehicle

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+The driving tips shown are for general road driving only. It is recommended that all drivers are familiar with operating their vehicle, plan their trip beforehand and exercise safe driving in all conditions

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