Perisher Terrain Parks

Welcome to the Perisher Parks 

Perisher’s award winning Terrain Parks are the best in the southern hemisphere for skiers and boarders of all levels.

Whether it's your first time sliding onto the boxes, or you've hit the big jumps before, our Parks contain a range of features that cater to all abilities.

Every season both Aussie and international skiers and boarders descend onto Perisher to train and perfect their skills in our world-class terrain parks.


      Park / Pipe Groomed Snow-making Status
Terrain ParkCentre Valley Rider X
Terrain ParkYabby Flat Mini Pipe
GreenSnowy Trails Terrain Park
Terrain ParkYabby Flat Mini Park
Terrain Park'Homie' Terrain ParkGroomed
Terrain ParkPiper Park
Terrain ParkSlope Style
Terrain ParkBC Terrain Park



Here’s an overview of our five progressive Terrain Parks and Rider Cross courses.

Perisher Terrain Parks

Piper Terrain Park - Small
Perisher Piper BF Are you new to our Terrain Parks and not sure where to start in the parks? Piper Park is your answer. It’s perfect for beginners and first time terrain park users. With an array of rollers, small tabletops and entry level boxes and rails you can ease your way into your park career with easy, ride-on style features.
Yabby Flat Mini Terrain Park – Small
Perisher YabbyFlats BFThis is also a great terrain park for beginners due to its entry-level rider cross course and easy tabletop jumps and box jumps that will give you the perfect introduction to park life. The Yabby Flat Mini Terrain Park is also home to the very popular 'JumpCam', capturing your mid-air style and allowing you to share the pic straight from your Perisher Dashboard to your social media accounts.  

Leichhardt Terrain Park – Medium to Large
Perisher Leichardt BFThe Leichhardt Terrain Park has expanded in both length and width, allowing for better flow and providing riders with more room to hit the world class features. This park is best described as being an intermediate to advanced rider’s paradise, with jumps ranging from 15ft to 30ft as well as featuring an array of challenging boxes and rails.
Blue Cow Park – Medium to Large
blue cow finAfter progressing from the Leichhardt Terrain Park, the Blue Cow Park should be next on your list. This park has plenty to keep you occupied with jumps ranging between 15 and 35 feet, as well as difficult hips, spines, boxes and rails that will keep you on your toes (literally!). Being a little off the beaten track, The Blue Cow Park is a well-kept secret, so it is a great park to work on your tricks away from the crowds!
Slopestyle Terrain Park – Large to Extra Large
Terrain ParksThe Slopestyle Terrain Park is Perisher's world-class and critically acclaimed terrain park, and is the main attraction due to being the most technical and creative park on offer.

Living up to its name and reputation, the Slopestyle Terrain Park has been in solid shape since day one of this season, running from top to bottom of Front Valley. Every season, this park attracts and challenges professional athletes from all over the world due to its constantly evolving features.

Home to all the biggest jumps and rails in the resort, riding the Slopestyle Terrain Park will send you to the top

Rider Cross

Centre Valley Rider-Cross - Medium
Perisher Winter Sports Club SnowboardWhen you’ve mastered the Yabby Flats entry-level course, tackle this longer and more challenging rider-cross spot. With a few extra bank turns and rollers, take your new skills further, faster.
Sun Valley Rider-Cross - Large
rider crossOur main and largest rider-cross spot, Sun Valley has all the rider cross features to keep you on your toes - bank turns, rollers, tabletop jumps and double rollers. Practice and polish your skills here as you take your rider-cross game to the next level.


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