Getting Here With Perisher Skitube

What is Perisher's Skitube?



Perisher's Skitube is Australia's only alpine railway and services Perisher exclusively, transporting guests from Bullocks Flat to Perisher Valley and Blue Cow. 

A Swiss-designed, rack-rail train, Skitube was originally constructed with the vision of improving access to Perisher during winter.

With the development of Mt. Blue Cow in 1984, Skitube was considered the most practical option for providing access to this new area of the resort, and so Skitube was extended from Perisher to Blue Cow. 

In just 10 minutes, Skitube travels 8.5km through Ramshead Range to Perisher Resort, with 6.3km of the journey being underground, making it Australia's longest ski lift!

Why Choose Skitube? 

Since the start of operations, well over 4 million guests have ridden Perisher's Skitube, and with good reason! 

Perisher's Skitube is the most convenient and reliable way to travel to and from Perisher in winter. Departing from Bullocks Flat, the journey to Perisher Valley only takes 10 minutes, making it the quickest way to travel to Perisher!

In winter, Skitube services run frequently, 7 days a week between Bullocks Flat, Perisher Valley and Blue Cow. 

Without Skitube, access to Perisher is limited to Kosciuszko Road, a stretch of mostly single-lane road often impacted by wild weather in winter. 

Choosing to use Perisher's Skitube means less time in your car and more time on the mountain. It also means you won't need to pay National Park entry fees, or in the event you're travelling in a 2WD vehicle, travelling via Skitube means you won't be required to fit snow chains. 

With loads of free day and overnight parking at Bullocks Flat Terminal, Skitube is a safe and time-saving alternative to driving to Perisher.

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