Perisher Returning Employees

Setup & Systems

Contracts and Onboarding Activities

You will receive an email notification when your offer letter has been prepared for you or when you have an onboarding activity pending. Email reminders will be sent informing when tasks have been assigned along with notification of due dates. To access your offer letter and other assigned tasks, employees will be required to log on to their employee profile.

Updating Your Information

Your employee profile will contain all the details you entered last year – including details like emergency contacts, superannuation and banking information. Once you've accessed your profile, please check that these details are accurate and up to date.

To update your details, please select "Edit" beside the header "Employee Information" in your profile.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires a tax declaration form to be completed every twelve months for any employee not engaged for a 12-month period. Therefore, if your employment is not ongoing, such as working seasonally for winter only, you will need to complete a tax declaration form each season. You will be issued this if required.

Click here to log in to your employee profile or visit for further information.