Perisher Returning Employees


Perisher allocates nearly 600 beds for staff accommodation, which are based on the mountain, at The Station and in Jindabyne.

Where can I live?

Our employees are located in a number of different areas, from Jindabyne to Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow and Guthega. There's limited on-snow accommodation available at Smiggin Holes – Willow Lodge, which is usually reserved for Mountain and a few Snowsports staff only.

Beds supplied at other on-snow locations are generally given to those who need to be on snow, to enable easy access to work late at night or early mornings.
Jindabyne accommodation ranges from four to eight shared. Most of the beds are single – however we do have a limited number of double beds available for couples only. 
With limited availability for staff accommodation, we're unable to guarantee staff housing to all employees. However, we do a pretty good job of making sure a bed is found for those who apply. This may mean you are allocated in your second or third preference. As part of our obligations to sponsored visa staff, we provide visa sponsorship guaranteed staff accommodation.


To be eligible for staff accommodation, you will need to ensure the following has been completed:

  • Contract has been e-signed
  • Paperwork is complete
  • Accommodation request form is complete

Return staff who have lived in staff accommodation in previous years and been deemed poor tenants, may not be offered accommodation in subsequent years.  As such whilst they may be offered employment, they will not necessarily be offered accommodation.

We allocate accommodation based on:

  • Availability
  • Your position for the winter season
  • The department in which you're employed
  • and thereafter, on a first come first serve basis


All accommodation is fully furnished (except for All Inclusive at The Station). You will need to bring your own bedding including sheets, blankets, pillow and case, towels and any other personal items. Should you have any further questions about what you need to bring with you, please contact the Staff Accommodation Coordinator at

Short-term employment

If you are employed on a short-term basis or as a part time instructor, you will unfortunately need to organise your own accommodation for the time you have employment with us. 


There is no public transport between Jindabyne and Perisher Valley. The Ski tube operates for service between Perisher and Bullocks Flat however there is no public transport onward from Bullocks Flat to Jindabyne. A Perisher bus loops from Perisher Valley (Ski Tube Terminal) to Smiggin Holes during the season, however this is not a 24-hour service. You will need to liaise with the Transport Manager/Bus Driver for times.

Types of Accommodation

Station: Yurts @ The Station

A Yurt consists of two bedrooms (twin share), two bathrooms and shared living and kitchen areas.  You will need to supply your own sheets, doona, towels and pillow; a mattress protector will be supplied on each bed.. The living and kitchen areas include a fridge, (some) stove top ovens, (some) convection microwave ovens, dining table, chairs, couch, TV and include heating.  Some rooms have a double bed and will only be allocated to couples arriving at check in together.  Staff living in the Yurts will have access to the communal Staff Laundry.

Station: All Inclusive @ The Station

This type of accommodation is on a 3 share studio style basis.  The sleeping area and living area are combined and all rooms include their own shower and toilet facilities.  You will need to supply your own sheets, doona, towels and pillow; a mattress protector will be supplied on each bed.  These rooms don’t offer kitchen facilities, breakfast and dinner is available each day from the Station Bistro and is included in your weekly rental rate.  Please note the Bistro is unable to cater for special dietary requirements. You will receive a list of the meals at check in; you are required to source your own lunches.  This type of accommodation is not available for couples.  Staff living in All-Inclusive rooms will have access to the Station Staff Laundry.

Willow Lodge @ Smiggin Holes

Willow is a 3 share dorm style accommodation located in Smiggin Holes.  Each room has heating, 3 single beds, shower, toilet and limited cupboard space.  You will need to supply your own sheets, doona, towels and pillow; a mattress protector will be supplied on each bed.  Couples will not be allocated a bed in Willow.  There is a communal kitchen/cooking area with 1 fridge and freezer per 2 rooms.  There is a communal laundry with washing machines and dryers as well as a communal TV room.

The Blocks @ Perisher Valley

There are three blocks consisting of 4 flats per block.  Each flat has 4 rooms, all rooms are twin share. You will need to supply your own sheets, doona, towels and pillow; a mattress protector will be supplied on each bed. Each flat is fully furnished with heaters, TV, couches, full kitchen, washing machines and dryers, ironing board and iron. Staff living in the blocks can purchase Wi-Fi, 50GB for $50.

Jindabyne Accommodation Located Throughout Jindabyne Township

Perisher leases a number of properties each season through local Real Estates and property owners to offer staff accommodation in Jindabyne. The properties may vary from season to season and each lease is signed for a maximum 15 week period.  Given this timeframe, Jindabyne accommodation may not be available until mid-June and leases may also end prior to the long weekend in October.  You will be notified of lease end dates during the season.  Properties range from 4 to 8 share apartments or houses.  All apartments/houses will have single beds, a double bed is only supplied if the apartment is leased that way and will only be offered to couples.  You will need to supply your own sheets, doona, towels and pillow; a mattress protector will be supplied on each bed.   The layout of each apartment/house will differ; all include a fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, TV, couches, heating, washing machine, dryer, cutlery, crockery, basic kitchen appliances and cooking utensils.