Perisher Returning Employees


How many days can I move into my accommodation before I start work?

You can move into your accommodation no more than 2 days prior to you commencing work with Perisher.  

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your $500 Security Deposit and rent up to and including the Sunday prior to your commencement of work. ($50 of your security deposit is non-refundable once you check out of your accom). Pillow, doona and fitted sheet – single in most cases. If you are unsure please email  prior to your arrival and we will verify your bedding configuration. Double beds are available and will be allocated to couples only. Coat hangers, Clothes horse (for drying clothes you do not wish to put in the dryer), tupperware containers for your lunch and left over food, extra blankets, dvd players/game consoles, 

Where do I go to check in?

You will be notified on where you need to check in once you have made contact to the staff accommodation co-ordinator 5 days prior to your arrival. There are 3 different Check-in locations, please make sure you are aware of opening times and the location of where you need to go to check in prior to arriving.  

Can I pay my security deposit with credit card details over the phone?

Yes, we can accept credit card payments for your security deposit only over the phone. 

Is my rent paid in advanced each week?

No rent is deducted from your weekly pay in advance. Only on Check-in you will pay your rent in advance, up to and including the Sunday prior to you commencing your first shift. You will also pay your $500 Security Deposit at this time.

How do I know if I have been approved for staff accommodation?

Once you have submitted your request for accommodation you will receive an email on what your next steps will be. Accommodation is allocated on a first in first served basis.  

Is a request for accommodation guaranteed?

A request is a request. We will do everything we can to make sure you are allocated a bed to suit your preference. If you have requested to live with other perisher employees please state this on your request form, even sending through a confirming email for this to is useful. We will do our best to allocate you together where we can, and recommend arriving together to guarantee you are housed together. 

When will I have my Security Deposit returned once I have left staff accommodation?

If you leave your staff accommodation prior to the 1st September you will receive your security deposit back only once your clearance form and key have been handed into the staff accommodation co-ordinator. You must get all signatures from the remaining housemates on your clearance form, failure to do so will result in an inspection having to take place and therefore delaying your security deposit return.
Those leaving accommodation after 1st September will not receive their security deposit back until the last person has left the accommodation and a final inspection has taken place. Any cleaning and or repairs/maintenance required after a final inspection will be covered by those in the accommodation location after September 1st. All deposits are generally returned within 3-4 weeks from the lease end date of your property. 

Will my accomodation be available till the end of the season?

Some properties will have a lease end date that is earlier than the official seasons end (Long weekend in October). If you are still working and require accommodation after the lease end date, we will have a bed for you in one of our Perisher owned Staff allocations. These beds are available at The Station and on Mountain for those who wish to stay longer than the lease end date. 

How will I know how much Security Deposit I will be receiving back?

You will be sent an email prior to your deposit been returned into your bank account. If there are maintenance or repairs required which were not noted on departure by the person responsible, than a fee will also be taken by all remaining staff in the accommodation to cover the cost.

Do we have to pay to get the carpets cleaned at the end of the season?

No. Perisher will arrange and pay for all carpets to be cleaned at the end of the season. 

If I signed a housemate out of accommodation and they have now left and had their security deposit returned, do I have to pay for their damages to the property?

Yes, if the staff accommodation co-ordinator is not notified of any unlawful doings from the vacating staff member and all housemates have signed the employee out, the remaining housemates will cover the costs of the damages.

If my employment is terminated can I still stay in Staff accommodation?

No. If your employment has been terminated for misconduct or any unlawful actions you must vacate accommodation immediately. Failure to leave may result in legal action.

How long can I stay in accommodation once my employment/contract is over?

Generally no more than 2 days from when your employment finishes, we are flexible though if you need to stay an extra day or two. You will need to notify the staff accommodation coordinator in advance of your departure date for this option.

Note: Please do not sign out a staff member should you not agree that he/she has left the accommodation in an acceptable manor. Contact the staff accommodation co-ordinator and notify them of your issue, all correspondence will be kept confidential. Last year there were a number of unlucky staff members who had to pay for damages they did not cause because they signed their housemates out without checking over the property prior to the staff vacating.