Perisher New Employees


I've changed my banking details since I first filled out my profile, what should I do?

You need to email with your new details. Updating them on your employee profile will not change them in the Payroll system if you do this after accepting your contract.

I haven't been paid, what should I do?

First, ensure you've entered all the required employment information (including e-signing your contract, entering the correct bank details etc) into your employee profile. If you've done this, and you still haven't received your pay, or if you made a mistake with your bank details, speak to your Supervisor or Manager. Do not contact Payroll directly as the likely answer will be to check with your manager.

I think I've been paid incorrectly. What should I do?

Review your timesheet with your Supervisor or Manager, complete a Payroll Enquiry Form and have your Supervisor or Manager sign and forward the enquiry form to the Payroll Office. Do not contact Payroll.

My financial situation has changed and I need to change my TFN declaration.

In this case, complete a withholding declaration and submit it to HR/Payroll. Withholding declarations can be found on the Perisher HR Intranet, or forms can be collected from Human Resources.

I think I'm being taxed incorrectly, what should I do?

The amount of tax calculated on your wages is based on the information you provided in your TFN declaration and corresponds to the ATO tax scales. If you think you've filled out the TFN declaration incorrectly, you'll need to complete a new Withholding Declaration (see above). Any tax that is overpaid based on your answers to your TFN declaration cannot be reversed, as this has already been paid to the ATO.

Can I contribute part of my wages to be paid into my nominated super fund?

Yes. First ensure your nominated super fund is a compliant fund that Perisher is able to pay into. Then provide HR/Payroll with details of how much is to be deducted from your wages each week.

When do employer/employee super contributions get paid into my nominated fund?

All contributions are paid monthly into your nominated superannuation account.

I haven't received my payslip via email, why not?

Check that is saved as a safe contact in your email address book and ensure the email hasn't been delivered to your spam folder. As payslips are sent out via email in bulk, many accounts will not accept the email unless it's saved as a safe contact. Also ensure you have enough room in your inbox to receive the email.

I can't open/view the payslip attachment on my smart phone, why not?

Not all smart phones are able to process the attachments. Ensure your phone has an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF reader), or check your email on a computer.

When are payment summaries (group certificates) issued & how will I receive mine?

Payment summaries are issued for the previous financial year on or before July 14 each year.  Example: Group certificates for the 2015-2016 financial year will be issued on or before July 14 2016.  If you worked for Perisher in the 2015-2016 financial year, you will receive a payment summary either via mail to the address we have on file, or via Human Resources if you are currently employed by us.

Payroll Etiquette

For all Payroll enquiries, please speak to your Supervisor or Manager first. A payroll enquiry form should then be filled out with your Supervisor/Manager, signed off by them and sent to the Payroll Office.

Please do not contact Payroll directly, as amendments cannot be made without your Supervisor or Manager's consent.