Perisher New Employees

Expectations & Values

Get yourself ready for living and working at Perisher. Here are some of the key things to organise in the run-up to your arrival and during the first couple of days.

Our Vision

It's our goal to be Australia's number one year-round mountain resort, providing international class facilities, based on ecologically sustainable development principles.

Our Mission

We strive to create exceptional alpine experiences for our guests, while balancing the wants and needs of our staff, the environment, the community and our shareholders.

Our Values

  • People – our staff and our guests are what make our business great.
  • Excellence – we efficiently deliver high quality products and services.
  • Respect – we treat everyone respectfully.
  • Integrity – we're honest and ethical.
  • Safety – we're safe in everything we do.
  • Having Fun – we enjoy what we do.
  • Environment – we're caring custodians of our environment.
  • Reputation – we're responsible at work and in the community.