Perisher New Employees

Staff Accommodation - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request Staff Accommodation? 

You will need to log into your Employee profile, click on the edit Information tab and scroll to the Staff Accommodation section to select Yes.  Once you have done this we will send you the Staff Accommodation request form and Policy to read and E-sign.

How many days before I start work can I move into my accommodation? 

You can move into your accommodation no more than 2 days prior to you commencing work with Perisher.

What do I need to bring?  

You will need to bring your $500 security deposit and one week’s rent to check in.  Your own sheets, pillow, towels, doona and any other personal items you feel you need to make your season more comfortable.  If you are still unsure feel free to contact Staff Accommodation via email at

Where do I go to check in? 

This will depend on where you have been allocated a bed.  We have three check-in locations in Jindabyne, The Station and Perisher. Staff arriving after 4pm will need to find alternate accommodation for the night. Perisher employees are offered a discounted overnight rate at The Station guest accommodation. Please call 1300 369 909 to check for vacancies prior to your arrival.

Is Wi-Fi available in Staff Accommodation: 

Wi-Fi can be purchased from the Human Resources office for those living on Mountain only.  The cost is $50/50GB


Who is eligible for staff accommodation? 

You must be a Perisher employee who works over 20 hours each week between the June long weekend and October long weekend.  Limited Availability (Part Time) instructors are not eligible for staff accommodation.

Is my rent deducted in advanced each week? 

No, your rent is paid in arrears for the pay period shown on your payslip.

Is a request for accommodation guaranteed? 

Perisher has limited staff accommodation and therefore does not guarantee that you will always get your first preference for accommodation.  Allocations are based on age, working hours, arrival dates and the position you hold with Perisher for the winter season.

How many people can I request to share with? 

You will have the option to request one other Perisher employee to share your accommodation with.

Do I have to stay in staff accommodation until the end of the season? 

No you can move out of staff accommodation at any time if you find your own accommodation or employment finishes.  You will need to notify the staff accommodation coordinator of your departure date and follow all departure procedures.   Your rent is deducted daily until your key and departure form are handed into the staff accommodation office.    

When will I have my Security Deposit returned?  

An email will be sent to you with your refund amount and scheduled date of return. All security deposits will be returned into the bank account where your pay is deposited no later than 19th October.  



Can I be charged for damages caused by other housemates? 

Yes, if damages have not been reported the remaining housemates will be made to cover the costs.

If my employment is terminated can I still stay in Staff Accommodation? 

No, if your employment has finished you must vacate accommodation immediately.  Failure to leave may result in legal action.

How long can I stay in accommodation once my employment/contract is over? 

You can stay in your accommodation no more than 2 days from when your employment finishes.

Note: Please do not sign out a staff member should you not agree that he/she has left the accommodation in an acceptable manor.  Contact the staff accommodation co-ordinator and notify them of your issue, all correspondence will be kept confidential.  Last year there were a number of unlucky staff members who had to pay for damages they did not cause because they signed their housemates out without checking over the property prior to the staff vacating.